When Reddit user powerbookguy came home the other day, this is probably the last thing he expected to find outside of his home. But it’s also the most (tragically) adorable thing he could’ve imagined too: a flock of baby ducks, without their mother in sight. He called his wife and said, “I’m bringing home 7 baby ducks! Hop online and figure out how we keep them alive.” And here’s how it all went down, in his words:

I came up over a hill to find the momma duck dead and the babies scurrying into the road to get to her. I pulled a quick U-turn and shooed them off the road. They huddled by a closed garage for warmth.

I quickly discovered I had nothing in my car to transport ducks (won’t make that mistake again!). An employee from the golf course just down the street got me a box. Here they are cuddled in the box after I collected them.

Once home, my wife and daughters helped me make a temporary home for them…a storage bin with a towel in the bottom.

We quickly discovered these little guys (girls?) can really jump! My girls had this innovate solution to block them from hopping out while I searched for a better solution.

One tiny duck hotel with a heat lamp, check! I cleared a space in the corner of our garage and it was time for them to move in.

They seemed to take to the new spot right away. They drank water from bowls and then just sat in the water. Our neighbor ran to a local pet store and picked up some food for them.

They survived the night! We’d done everything we knew to do and were pretty sure they would be warm enough, but it was great to see them alive and well still this morning. Next step, finding them a permanent home.

Being an animal lover myself, I can say I’m a big fan of this guy and what he did. They surely wouldn’t have survived long alone, and now they’ve got a chance to live happy little ducky lives in loving homes. Source: Reddit Share this beautiful rescue with others below.

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