If you’re not allergic to anything, then I can only say you’re darn lucky. Living with an allergy, even if it’s a mild one to something obscure, can still be incredibly difficult. Plus, you also never know what else you might be allergic to…until you find out the hard way.

Said “hard way” generally involves a visit to the emergency room and a swollen face. Here are 15 pictures of some really insane allergic reactions. If they don’t convince you to get an extra EpiPen from your doctor just in case, I don’t know what will…

1. Be careful with hair dye…there are tons of weird chemicals in there!

2. Another sad victim of a hair dye allergic reaction.

3. Even dogs can get allergic reactions…poor puppy.

4. Before and after treatment for a severe allergic reaction…two hours apart.

5. Here’s what happens when makeup makes your face swell up.

6. This is the result of an allergic reaction to the sun caused by a medication.

7. More hair dye problems…

8. When lip balm does anything but soothe…

9. She was bitten by a spider in the worst possible place.

10. This is what an allergic reaction to mouthwash looks like…apparently, it hurts pretty badly.

11. Here’s a severe reaction to a bee sting — ouch.

12. When the eyedrops they give you only make things worse…

13. This milder allergic reaction is still pretty freaky.

14. Henna is also something a lot of people are allergic to. That’s gotta hurt.

15. When your cat has an allergic reaction to their food.

Oh, I can feel my throat tightening just looking at these pictures. I already have an EpiPen, but I think I’ll go out and get a few more now.

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