In case you didn’t know, 3D printing is the next big thing. Haven’t heard of it? It’s actually pretty simple. Think of something you’d really like to have…then, you program an industrial robot to “print”it out. Basically, these machines can successively add material, layer by layer, until the your desire becomes a physical reality. 

The best part about 3D printers? They can be used to basically create anything.

1.) Houses.

2.) Guns.

3.) Drones.

4.) Flutes.

5.) Light-Up Sneakers.

6.) The Fetus Of Your Unborn Child.

7.) A Loom.

8.) Coffee Mugs.

9.) Robot Arm.

10.) Ipad Stand.

11.) High-heeled Shoes.

12.) Pizza.

13.) 3D Printers (Yup).

14.) Clocks.

15.) Hanging Lamp.

17.) Guitars.


18.) Chocolate.

19.) Wigs (with braids).

20.) Robot toys (and soon robots).

21.) Game of Thrones Set.

22.) Clothes.

23.) Iphone Covers.

24.) Violins.

25.) Bikinis.

26.) Blood Vessels.

27.) Bones.

28.) Ears.

29.) Kidneys.

As 3D printers become cheaper, more and more people will have them and will be making their own things. This might shape the future of our society in a really interesting way. Will we even buy things anymore? Or just download the measurements on our own 3D printer and make our own freaking pizza? It’s crazy to think about.

Whoa, what if they use 3D printers to make 3D printers? 

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