A 57 year old man in China named Wang started an online affair with another woman. He sent her fake photos and other misleading information to impress her. After months of talking online, they decided to meet in Muling City at a hotel. And that’s when things got really weird.

Wang met a girl in a chat room one night. They exchanged photos… except they weren’t of themselves. Wang sent one of an old military friend from years earlier and the girl sent one of an attractive friend. These lies would prove humiliating very soon.

When Wang showed up, he was confused and horrified to discover… the girl was his SON’S WIFE, Lili. In this photo, she is being questioned by police. Why is she being questioned? Well….

Because Lili’s husband – and Wang’s son – followed her to the hotel after learning about the brewing affair online. When he saw the insanity unfold before his eyes, he beat his father up out of rage. The police were called, and brought Da Jun in for questioning. .

Exactly how this unfolded is as bizarre as it comes. Wang told Lili that his wife died 2 years ago, and she told him her husband was serving a 5 year prison sentence for fighting. Da Jun, by accident, discovered their discussions online one night, including that they had planned to meet at the hotel at 6pm. Due to the anonymity of their identities, no one suspected any of the others to be involved.

When Lili showed up at the hotel and Wang was the one waiting, she said it was a misunderstanding (ya think?) and attempted to leave. That’s when her husband, Da Jun, revealed himself. When he got over the shock of the situation, he attacked his father and that’s when hotel employees called police.

Da Jun was held for 5 days for the assault, but the real punishment here is one thing: humiliation.

In a day when online dating is not only acceptable but proven to be successful, there’s still one valuable life lesson here – don’t cheat or you will get caught. Possibly with your son’s wife.



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