Jack Russell terriers are known for being incredibly smart and easy to train. That’s part of the reason why they’ve appeared on multiple TV shows. Aside from their big brains, these pups are extremely adorable. Remee, a five-year-old terrier, loves to be in front of the camera, too, but in her case, it’s her mom snapping the pictures. Osa adores dressing her pup up in fun costumes, especially now that it’s Halloween! Check out some of her adorable outfits:

Chia pets may have gone out of style a while ago…but Remee’s bringing them back.

Her mom, Osa, says this is a cheetah costume, but I’m calling it Mrs. Peanut.

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“This is a stickup! Put all the treats in a bag!”

Can’t go wrong with a classic!

I wish I could get my cat to wear this.

You can never get enough of small dogs in hot dog costumes. Never.

The key to being a successful ninja is to always stay alert, on the tips of your paws!

I might even be alright with Minions after this…

Now go hide in a candy cane forest!

She’ll be good to have around when fighting off any dark lords this Halloween.

Alright, don’t even get the Star Wars fans going, Christmas is still too far away.

…Do you think she pooped rainbows this day?

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But who will be Toto?!

You’ll always be an angel in my eyes.

She’s just too darn cute to take her lunch money away.

Hold on…she’s actually floating?!

Just because you’re a piñata, Remee, doesn’t mean you can eat all the candy.

Even when it’s not Halloween…

She’s really busy just being adorable.

She knows how to stay healthy!

She and her mom know how to have a good time, that’s for sure.

You seriously don’t want to miss a single picture of Remee that Osa snaps, so be sure to follow her on Instagram! Who doesn’t need a little Jack Russell in their life? I know I do, especially one in freakishly adorable costumes.

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