Every once in a while, we need someone to show us that no matter what stands in our way, if we put our mind to it, we can accomplish anything. Right now, 14-year-old Tashaun Willis is that someone.

Willis is an 8th grader at Washington Middle School in Iowa who is turning heads because of his epic basketball skills. The boy is already over 6 feet tall and is a highly skilled center for his school’s basketball team. He also happens to only have one arm.

He lost his arm at a young age, after a rare complication during birth. But instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching life pass him by, he’s making sure all eyes are on him.

Take a look at Willis in action:

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(via USA Today High School Sports)

This young man is an inspiration to us all. Be sure to share Willis’ story with your family and friends to give him all the recognition he deserves!

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