If you found a $20 bill on the ground, what would you do?

Most of us would probably glance around for its owner, but if one couldn’t be found, we’d just chalk it up to a lucky day. When seven-year-old Griffin Steele saw a 20 covered in red dye at a gas station, he went into detective mode instead. He knew the bill seemed odd, and after he walked up to a nearby trash can, he found that it was full of similar bills. He and his dad called the police…and found themselves in the middle of a huge investigation.

Griffin simply wanted to do the right thing, and the police, who were looking into a bank robbery, say that his actions were very helpful. Learn more about the boy’s heroism in the video below.

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The suspect, Brian Humphries Jr., is still on the loose, but Griffin provided the police with useful clues. Hopefully, the man will be apprehended soon.

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