Though they definitely scare me, I don’t have a huge problem with spiders.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll see me trying to touch or hold them anytime soon. Okay, I’ve actually held a tarantula once, but the experience was so nerve-racking that I would never consider having one of my own. One woman in Brisbane, Australia, though, couldn’t disagree with me more.

Not only does Lisa van Kula Donovan love spiders (and basically all other insects), but she keeps five of them as her beloved pets.

Donovan is very hands-on when it comes to her spiders.

She even lets them crawl all over her face and head.

The way she handles them would freak most people out, but she thinks nothing of it and obviously enjoys it very much.

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When she moved to Australia about eight years ago, she fell in love with all the spiders and insects she discovered there. It became such a huge passion that she decided to share her home with some of them.

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The largest critter in her collection is a massive female huntsman spider that she affectionately named Cuddles, even though she was bitten by the same kind in the wild.

Surprisingly, none of her spiders have ever chomped on her, but she’s well aware that it could happen at any time and isn’t afraid of it.

She also has a variety of other creepy-crawlies that she adores as much as if they were her children.

She even lets her own kids hold some of them — but not any spiders. You have to admit that this one is pretty cute.

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Although Donovan’s passion may creep people out and disgust them, she doesn’t care. She wouldn’t have her life any other way and is perfectly content with her unusual pets.

(via The Sun)

I applaud her fearlessness when it comes to her pets, but I would never follow in her footsteps. The creepy factor is just way too high for me.

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