On October 18, James Mackey came down with what he thought was the flu. Within weeks, sepsis had taken over his immune system, forcing doctors to amputate both legs from mid-shin.

Sepsis is a deadly condition that kills over 258,000 Americans every year. Doctors believe that in this case, the infection began in a small cut on Mackey’s hand, but once it was in his bloodstream, it began destroying tissue and organs. By the beginning of November, the only way to save the young father’s life was to perform a double amputation.

Before his illness, Mackey was a healthy, robust man. The father of three loved biking, running, and playing football with his children.

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Unbelievably, a minor cut led Mackey to develop sepsis, a deadly condition that poisons the blood. Physicians had no choice but to amputate both of his lower legs.

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