Imagine being told you were “just fat” for over a decade, only to find out that you’d been carrying around a 140-pound tumor all that time.

That’s what happened to Roger Logan of Gulfport, Mississippi. For years, he visited doctor after doctor, with each one telling him that he was just fat and needed to lose weight. What these doctors failed to realize was that a simple ingrown hair on his abdomen had turned into a 140-pound tumor with its own blood supply.

By the time doctors were aware of Roger’s tumor, no one would operate. The growth had rendered him immobile, with most of his time spent in an armchair. Doctors said he had only a 50 percent chance of surviving surgery.

In trying to describe living with the tumor, Roger said, “I used to equate it, you just put a strap around your neck and carry three bags of cement around with you all day long, just swinging.”

Despite what doctors believed, Roger’s wife, Kitty, wasn’t giving up that easy. “She just kept pushing. She wouldn’t let me quit,” Roger said.

Finally, Kitty located Dr. Vipul Dev in California. He’d done similar surgeries in the past and thought that he could help. The Logans bolted Roger’s armchair to the floor of a cargo van and made the 2,000-mile journey.

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