When marital woes began to tear this seemingly happy family apart, this mother put herself ahead of her son’s future.

Authorities found the bodies of Sheri Shermeyer and her one-year-old baby boy after friends of the woman notified them of an angry post she shared on social media about her husband and his abusive tendencies. In the post, the woman spoke of suicide and giving her husband the “single life” he so desperately yearned for. She also said that he would never see his son again.

An investigation is still underway, but it has been reported that Shermeyer shot herself after covering her son’s tiny body with a pillow and smothering him to death.

Shermeyer minced no words when it came to her intentions:

“I feel that the ONLY thing I have to live for is this little guy asleep in my arms right now, John. He is the only reason why I haven’t blown my head off right now. And even now, all I can think about is leaving this world. Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. Which is what is going to happen.”

Learn more about this case in the video below.

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