Mormonism is quite a secretive religion to outsiders. Because of that secrecy, there are more than a few rumors out there surrounding what happens inside Mormon churches. Usually, when rumors swirl about a secretive organization, they have little basis in reality. But every once in a while, some of those whispers and rumblings turn out to be true.

Back in 2012, a YouTuber by the name of Newnamenoah uploaded a seven-minute video claiming to feature secretive Mormon rituals caught on tape using a hidden camera. Since then, he has uploaded more videos of similar rituals. We present them below without comment on the religion they allegedly depict.

The very secretive ritual of baptizing the dead.

A secret Mormon handshake.

This is a secretive ceremony for Mormons over the age of 18, according to Newnamenoah.

Here is the original video that Newnamenoah uploaded in 2012.

(via Newnamenoah)

Needless to say, these videos have stirred up a fair bit of controversy in the Mormon community. Still, Newnamenoah continues to somehow capture these clips (and he shows no signs of stopping).

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