Humility is one thing that is so important in life, but many people forget about. Being cocky or arrogant is a little too commonplace nowadays, especially since the Internet helps you market yourself day in and day out. We have transformed into a self-centered society over the years. 

Luckily, instant justice taught these people a thing or two about being cocky: it has never helped anyone. Ever.

1.) “GO FASTER!”

2.) Because surfing on water just isn’t cool enough.

3.) That’ll teach ya!

4.) Cocky guy driving a midlife crisis car. Sounds about right.

5.) Lesson. Learned.

6.) Was it really worth that $5 bet?


8.) This little guy finally got what’s coming to him.

9.) Everything about this just went the worst way possible.

10.) Being immature can have disastrous results.


11.) Tony Hawk, you are not.

12.) Rich kids on the slopes are the worst.

13.) I don’t know why she tried this, I just know I can’t stop laughing.

14.) Because there wasn’t a gate or anything.

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