It’s hard to imagine how anyone could hurt or abandon an animal.

Dogs live their lives as our best friends, but all too often they’re abused, neglected, or abandoned. While so many organizations do amazing work to help keep our furry friends safe, thousands of animals still die due to the horrific actions of the humans who are supposed to care for them.

One small dog was recently left for dead in the median of a busy highway. With cars racing by on both sides, this pup didn’t have a good chance of making it across on her own.

That’s when a veterinary surgeon noticed the dog and stopped his car. He ran across the road, risking his own life to try to get to the pup in need. He desperately hoped the dog would trust him quickly so she didn’t dart into traffic.

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Eventually, he was able to grab the dog by the scruff of the neck and race her to safety. What a hero!

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