When it comes to prosthetics, technology advances so quickly that it’s often hard to tell who’s using them and who’s not. Such is the case with the woman in this video. YouTuber my eye has a channel dedicated to showing the world how she deals with her prosthetic eye on a daily basis.

It all started when one of her retinas became detached after giving birth to her daughter. Despite various surgeries, physicians could not repair the damage. A year later, she began experiencing extreme pain in that eye. Doctors quickly discovered that cancer was the culprit, which meant that they had to remove her eye immediately. It all went off without a hitch, and if you want to see how she removes the prosthetic, check this out.

Consider yourself warned. It’s a little freaky.

Even though I was ready for it, this video thoroughly creeped me out. I’m very happy that everything worked out for her, but I’m certainly not used to seeing footage like this.

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