The Painting Lady is a professional face painter from Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Once you see her talent, though, she seems from another world. Using her face as a canvas, this artist transforms herself from a mother of three to your worst nightmare. Her face painting passion was birthed when she began to paint the faces of her children to keep them entertained. 

While she still has what it takes to keep the kiddies smiling, most of the work posted to her Facebook page would probably give them nightmares. The Painting Lady is scary talented, there’s no denying that.

The Painting Lady

The Painting Lady’s Studio

Zombie Spider-Man

Baby Face

Sugar Skull

Woodland Nymph

Tooth Fairy



Big Smile

Sparkling Water

Cracked Doll

(via The Painting Lady)

You’ve got to admire an artist who brings their own canvas with them everywhere. If you’re interested in checking out more of The Painting Lady’s work, head over to her Facebook page. And, yes, she’s available for parties.

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