English illustrator Chloe Giordano uses several different mediums to express her creativity. Perhaps the most impressive are these delightfully intricate embroideries depicting adorable animals which are so detailed you won’t believe it was all done with a needle and thread.

Each of her tiny deer, mice and rabbits look like they could jump off the fabric and come to life — teeny, tiny life. 

The animals are barely bigger than a thimble.

Here’s a look at her process and painstaking attention to detail.

You almost want to reach through the screen and pet it!

Everything from the leaves to the little cotton tail are intricately threaded to perfection.

The blend of thread creates amazing layers of color.

And it’s not just animals: she also creates a gorgeous subtle fade with calligraphy.

And beautiful book cover designs.

(via Bored Panda)

I want one for my living room! You can check out more of Chloe’s awesome work on her website and blog

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