When a wife discovered that her husband had been cheating on her, she wasn’t about to quit without a fight. She persuaded a local bar to display a sign for her. They usually switch up their sign, but never before did they hang what she wanted to display. She wanted to let the world know just how she felt about her husband’s infidelity.

She found out her husband was having an affair, so she wanted to make a fool out of him just like he made a fool out of her: “Paul, I Am Divorcing You.”

Not only did she announce her divorce for all to see, she also cut him deep with a follow-up sign: she is keeping their dog.

Noah’s Yard Bar routinely changes the words on its sign, but never before had they displayed a divorce announcement.

Men, watch out. If you cheat and your woman catches you, you might just get your own Billboard of Shame.


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