Being abducted is already terrifying enough, but can you imagine it happening to you while you’re in a different country?

British backpacker Mary Kate Heys doesn’t have to, because while traveling through Australia, she found herself at the mercy of a man she barely knew. After the 20-year-old accepted a ride from him, she realized that he didn’t have any intentions of letting her out of the car.

During her stay in Queensland, Heys met a fellow traveller from Sweden and became friends with him over the course of two weeks.

When the 23-year-old man offered her a ride to Brisbane, she agreed. They had been staying at the same hostel together, so she likely believed that she could trust him.

But it became very apparent that something was wrong when she noticed him driving in the opposite direction. He also refused to stop the car and let her get out. “Looking back his eyes were really wide – like a serial killer’s – I should have known something was not right but I went with him,” she told Daily Mail.

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