When Mauricia Ibanez was 58 years old, she shocked residents of Burgos, Spain, by giving birth to her first child, a baby girl.

People were even more baffled when she began undergoing rounds of in vitro fertilization again in her 60s, which ended in her giving birth to a set of twins at 64 years old. However, she may not be able to raise any of her children now that the Castilla y Leon social services department has stepped in.

Less than two months after Ibanez gave birth to her twins, Gabriel and Maria de la Cruz, social services has taken them away from her and temporarily placed them with a family member.

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The decision was made when officials deemed the babies “too vulnerable” to stay in her care. “All the reports conclude that the twins need protection in another environment,” a spokesman for social services said.

Only a few weeks ago, Ibanez defended her decision to have the twins and vowed to get her first daughter, Bianca, back.

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