We’ve all gotten at least one Christmas gift in our lives that has made us shake our head in disbelief.

And Christmas shopping for adults can be pretty hard. Shopping for kids has always been easy, and it doesn’t hurt that most kids give Santa guided lists. Unfortunately, adults aren’t on Santa’s radar, so when it comes to picking out gifts, things sometimes take a terrible turn.

So while we might have gotten an ugly scarf from grandma or found that Santa left us only underwear under the tree, nothing can compare to the gifts these Redditors found in their stockings on Christmas morning.

1. “My first boyfriend and I started dating in college. The first major gift-giving Holiday we were together for was Christmas.”

“I took it very seriously and tried to get him the perfect gift, a fancy new watch because he had worn his other one to death. He loved it and I was super happy, then I opened my gift…He got me Harry Potter Clue. Which I guess could have been fun but he HATES board games and refused to play with me. Looking back, that was a good indication that I was a bit more invested than he was.”

(via Reddit / cwins)

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2. “My sister-in-law (we’ll call her ‘T’) works in animal conservation. For Christmas last year, her grandma gave her a photo of T’s step-grandfather posing with a dead lion that he had just killed while illegally poaching in Africa in the 1970s.”

“The thought process blows me away. ‘T loves animals, she’ll love this photo of my husband right after he murdered one!'”

(via Reddit / Atheose)

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3. “When I was seven years old, my grandfather gave me a gift. He knew I liked Star Wars, so he got me a Jar Jar Binks doll. But this wasn’t just your average hideous toy. It was also an alarm clock.”

“My dad insisted I use as to not hurt my grandpa’s feelings. The only problem is that we couldn’t figure out how it worked. So for the next month, all I heard every night was “Eeetsa now gonna be ten o clock! Betta get up!” Followed by “Shut up Jar Jar!” Eventually, the batteries died. I thought I would finally have a good night’s sleep, but then I started having nightmares about the damn thing. Jar Jar will never leave.”

(via Reddit / adakun13 )

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4. “For the last several Christmases and birthdays, my grandma has bought me axe deodorant from the discount aisle from the store she works at.”

“I’d be slightly less insulted if she bothered taking the price tags off.”

(via Reddit / dekuskrub1)

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5. “My mom bought earrings for me that she knew I couldn’t wear (I had stretched lobes at the time) so she could act all indignant and keep them for herself.”

(via Reddit )

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6. “A purse full of tampons from my grandmother when I was seven. I’m a male.”

(via Reddit / sirtinykins)

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7. “Dog treats. My grandma thought they were candy.”

(via Reddit /dougless14)

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8. “We celebrated with my wife’s family (about 20 people) on Christmas Eve. Everyone was opening presents, etc. At the end of the night my wife asked me if I needed help carrying my stuff to the car. I just said, ‘Nope. I’m good.'”

Flickr / Robert Freiberger

“Then when we get home she asks what my favorite gift was. I told her that since I didn’t get anything, I really don’t have a favorite. For most of the night I thought it was a lame prank, but nope, nobody got me anything. She was super embarrassed and started to apologize.”

(via Reddit / PhilLikeTheGroundHog)

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9. “Used lawn mower from my mother. I have no lawn.”

Flickr / Combsy

(via Reddit / Kindermannn)

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10. “My grandmother used to wrap boxes of cereal and give them as gifts. She grew up during the depression, so she was a bit thrifty.”

Flickr / ms.akr

(via Reddit / ufjeff)

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11. “An empty DVD case. They took the movie to watch and forgot to put it back.”

Flickr / audioreservoir

(via Reddit / I_Cut_Shoes)

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12. “On Christmas at my aunt’s house, I was walking around and stepped on a bracelet. Since my aunt has six kids, I figured it was one of theirs. I gave it to my aunt then went on with the festivities. Turns out my aunt completely forgot to buy me a gift for Christmas, so what does she do? She takes the bracelet I found, wraps it in wrapping paper and gives it to me as a gift.”

Flickr / knitsteel

“I honestly thought it was just a joke. I turned around after opening the gift to expect giggles and smirks but got hit with a cold stern look from my aunt. So I politely said thank you and threw the bracelet away the next day.”

(via Reddit / wlkng_dead)

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13. “For Christmas one year I received rocks. Literally rocks.”

Flickr / Jeannette S.

“I used to collect geodes so my aunt and uncle decided to get me rocks. Except there was nothing special about the ones I received. The were just the little ones you find in people’s gardens.”

(via Reddit / Notalurker68)

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14. “Last year, I got a plaid shirt from my Aunt for my birthday (in September) but it didn’t fit. I don’t live at home and I was leaving the next day so I asked my mom to please return it for me as I wouldn’t be able to use it.”

Flickr / Tradlands

“A few months later, I received the same shirt for Christmas from my mom. It still didn’t fit.”

(via Reddit / 8MAC)

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15. “I had mentioned to my uncle one year that I wished I could grow a beard like his. Come Christmas time, my uncle hands me the present he got me. I unwrap it and what do you know…It’s his beard in a Ziploc bag.”

Flickr / osseous

(via Reddit / ainen)

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16. “Mom found a dead bird in the furnace earlier this year. This was her Christmas gift to me.”

Reddit / Buns_huns

(via Reddit / Buns_huns)

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