What is kindness? At first it seems like a question with an obvious answer, but the truth can be a little harder to grasp. Kindness comes in different shapes, and sizes, but you always know it when you see it. These 25 photos of kindness in action will brighten your day, hopefully restore some of your faith in humanity.

1.) Encouragement can be everywhere.

2.) Synchronized happiness.

3.) I hope they found it.

4.) Leave no man behind, even on the soccer field.

5.) Keeping the planet clean, because it’s the only one we have.

6.) Feeding those in need.

7.) Splitting the work.

8.) Making kindness go viral.

9.) Inspiring the future generation.

10.) We’re stronger together.

11.) Helping creating a fresh start.

12.) Compassion on a street corner.

13.) When friends need each other the most.

14.) True words.

15.) This is how coaching is done.

16.) Tell your partner you love them.

17.) Enjoying the shade.

18.) A helping hand for an icy day.

19.) Two chefs are better than one.

20.) A cup of ice water on a hot day, for a thirsty man.

21.) Kindness, train style.

22.) Sharing what you have.

23.) This person is amazing. Real kindness in NYC.

24.) A real truth.

25.) Dogs need kindness too.

My faith in humanity is slowly coming back. Don’t forget to pay it forward and share these pictures by clicking below.

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