While on a Valentine’s Day road trip, this Reddit user stumbled across a hidden treasure of sorts. Far back from the highway stood a small abandoned house. The only thing nearby were fields, so the little cabin looked lonely… but beautiful. So they decided to wander inside (and we’re so glad they did).

The house was extremely isolated and looked as if no one had been inside for years.

Inside of the house, there were lots of books focused on language (dictionaries, grammar & phonetics).

A bucket with beans spilling out.

Vines were slowly taking over the entire house, creeping in from the windows and winding themselves down the drapes.

One nearly made it’s way over to an old lace shawl or dress.

A tiny straw tiger was found in the corner, a beautiful remnant of childhood.

The creepy doll’s head with no eyes? Not so much.

A long boot…

Measurement guides and recipes lined the walls.

This, at one time, used to be a quaint farm house with a pet.

There were lots of these trophies inside, too. Someone had a penchant for darts.

The simple, but beautiful, view from the kitchen window.

The drapes were so tattered, but even they were oddly beautiful.

There was only one spot of graffiti in the house, thankfully it didn’t take away from the eerie beauty too much.

Vines creeped in from all angles.

And a final message, who knows when this was left.

There are many different kinds of beauty in the world, and a decaying house full of memories and remnants of times past? Some may say that it’s very beautiful. Source: Reddit Share this unique place with others, whether you like it yourself or not. It is interesting, after all.

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