Cocaine is one helluva drug. Honestly, I’ve never tried the stuff, but I’ve heard from others that it can make you feel invincible. Using cocaine once or twice might not have any lasting effects on your body, but becoming a regular user of the stuff? That could wreak absolute havoc on your health.

As an example of this, I direct your attention to the graphic video below. In it is the heart of a cocaine addict that has just been removed by doctors. The heart of this patient (who had been using cocaine for 15 years) is three times the size of a healthy heart and continues to beat for 25 minutes after being removed from the body.

Normally, a heart would stop beating after 60 seconds.

(via Complex)

If anyone you know is suffering from a cocaine addiction, help them get on the road to recovery by contacting a medical professional ASAP. Don’t wait until it’s too late. They’ll thank you later.

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