Although October Jones is technically an illustrator, we think he needs to consider switching his full-time job to “daily commute doodler.” Almost every day during his train commute, he creates little drawings, inspired by the people around him on the train. And it’s brilliant. Just see for yourself.

1. Angry Mickey doesn’t want to go to work.

2. Wow, Kermit must love that book.

3. Hellboy is tired of this commute.

4. Sideshow Bob is planning something…

5. Uh-oh. ET saw you, man.

6. The least exciting Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner chase ever.

7. I have a feeling this kind of looks like the man himself.

8. Pringles guy had arough night.

9. And they say you never see aardvarks any more.

10. Low iPhone battery? HULK SMASH.

11. I found him.

12. Every train car has its own Cyclops.

13. Spidey just sensed you creeping on him.

14. Daffy wasn’t prepared for the sudden stop.

15. What a cool cat, riding the train.

16. Winnie the Pooh is NOT a morning person without his honey.

17. Batman is… kind of bored.

18. That ewok is WAY too happy to be on this train.

When he isn’t making hilarious doodles of strangers around him, October Jones writes books. Check out his latest, Texts From Dog, on Amazon. Source: Twitter / OctoberJones I wish my ride to work was this hilarious. Share these doodles with others!

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