Imagine that you’re lost in the woods, far from any humans who might hear your cries for help. Would you know what to do?

No one plans on getting lost in the wilderness, but it does happen. Just last month, a mom walked thirty miles in the snow after her family became stranded near the Grand Canyon. Thanks to her survival skills — and her willingness to eat twigs and drink her own urine — she and her family were rescued.

With this simple survival hack from Specific Love Creations, you might not have to go to those extremes if you find yourself in a similar situation. Using just a tin can and a nail, you can easily craft something that just might save your life.

Watch as this kid demonstrates how to make a whistle out of a tin can. This is so simple, even a 12-year-old can do it!

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Hopefully you never need to use this survival hack, but it’s important to be prepared. Be sure to SHARE this potentially lifesaving tutorial with your friends and family!

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