Lindsay over at My Creative Days is no stranger to crafty DIY projects…

But when her mom spotted this headboard and footboard for a bed at a thrift store, she knew her daughter could turn it into something completely new…and she was 100 percent correct.

All it takes is a little imagination, some paint, and a touch of know-how to take one person’s donations and make them into another’s precious valuables. Check this out!

The beautiful details and sturdy craftsmanship meant this set would be perfect for a new project.

The footboard would need to have a flat surface to be transformed into a bench…that meant the top portion had to be removed.

Then they connected the two pieces.

The seat was crafted with some spare wood the family had around their home.

They were able to repurpose the piece they removed from the floorboard on the sides of the bench.

Then it was time to paint.

White gives pretty much any piece of furniture a fresh, new look.

Wanting to bring out the details of the old frame, Lindsay took some sandpaper and distressed certain parts of the bench.

What a change!

There you have it! All you really need is a piece that has potential.

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