Unlike many parents-to-be, partners Dinahleigh and Anthony opted not to learn the gender of their baby before their gender-reveal party.

Wanting to share in the surprise right along with their loved ones, they decided to let someone else take care of the cake before the big day rolled around. For what probably felt like countless anticipation-filled weeks, Dinahleigh dreamed of slicing into that cake with Anthony and learning if she was carrying a boy or a girl.

When she looked at the slice, however, she noticed with understandable confusion that it was just a plain vanilla cake.

Still baffled by the whole thing, Dinahleigh watched as Anthony reached right into the middle of the cake and pulled something out from underneath the bow.

Watch as this adorable mom-to-be is stunned by two huge surprises in one day!

Their little family is changing in so many ways, and I have a feeling that Dinahleigh and Anthony wouldn’t have it any other way.

Best wishes to these two as they tie the knot and welcome their little boy into the world!

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