In high school biology classes, it’s common to dissect animals.

I remember having to dissect worms and frogs, while some of my peers had to perform experiments with fetal pigs and fully grown cats. Some argue that students learn better when they use software and other non-animal methods, but unfortunately, in-class dissection are still a common practice.

What’s not normal is a video released from Harding Charter Preparatory High School in Oklahoma City, showing students morbidly dancing with the cats they’re about to dissect.

The sickening video was posted to social media and spread quickly, getting attention from organizations like PETA.

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Science is important, and for some schools, dissection makes the most sense. Instilling a sense of respect for the animal is imperative, though, if students hope to become compassionate scientists in the future.

Here’s hoping teachers can learn from this horrible misstep and find ways to teach students to treat scientific subjects with the dignity they deserve.

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