Have you ever met someone and immediately realized that you were bound to be best friends?

If you have, you’ll totally understand what’s going on in this video.

When Brenda Rose Edwards introduced her great nephew to a new little buddy, the two of them were immediately taken with one another. In seconds, they figured out that they were about to become BFFs and that they needed to hug it out accordingly…and hug it out they did. In fact, their embrace was so tight that no one could break it.

This is how we should all be treating one another right now.

One commenter on the original post said, “If we just left the children alone, the world would be a better place. We are the ones responsible for how the next generation will see each other when they grow up.”

And I have to agree. Kiddos aren’t yet jaded by all of the nastiness this planet has to offer. Maybe we should let them take the reins.

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