What was your childhood bedroom like?

Okay, now that you’ve got that picture…what do you WISH it had been like? Well, in an effort to make his little boy’s bedroom dream into a reality, this dad gave his son’s room an epic makeover fit for a starship commander.

While BrooklynEWD‘s family was out of town, he completely decked out his four-year-old son’s room…and honestly, as a grown woman, even I’M jealous of the results.

This was the space he wanted to fill in his son’s room.

BrooklynEWD worked long and hard on the overall layout before he got to work cutting wood and assembling things.

He started out with the simple frame, making sure it was sturdy enough for everyone to pile on top for story time.

Things finally started coming together! The stairs have built-in storage and the dad left space under the bed for something extra special.

After everything was pretty much put together, BrooklynEWD sanded and primed the wood.

He added a round hatch door, a coat of blue paint with gold details, and even made unique stencils for the wording.

But what’s under the bed is the truly awesome piece. While he left a lot of it unfinished so he and his son could work on it together…

He made a spaceship control panel!

He bought the various buttons and toggles online and crafted the dash and chair himself.

And after just a week of working day and night, the project was finished!

Looks like someone is pretty pleased.

BrooklynEWD said, “We’re looking forward to continuing this project over the next few years.” What a cool father-son DIY! Ultimately, the dad said he just wanted to teach his kid that you can make things on your own, “and that not everything has to come from a store.”

Well, I think he definitely achieved that goal!

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