One of the most disturbing and emotionally damaging trends has been started by teen girls online. The worst part of it is? They’re only hurting themselves. By posting revealing and sensitive videos to YouTube, they invite criticism, hate and perversion that they wouldn’t encounter anywhere else.

This is a huge problem.

Over half of a million girls have been posting simple videos to YouTube, filming themselves and asking “Am I pretty or ugly?” They are exposing themselves to the worst kinds of people and the feedback they get is absolutely disgusting.

Comments range from hateful to perverted, but the common theme is that these underage girls are routinely subjecting themselves to online bullying and abuse.

These young girls are fretting over how attractive they are, obviously concerned. Not only that, but they are receiving comments that are scathing and cruel.

They are part of an internet-savvy generation and they know what kind of comments these videos will inspire… but they do it anyway.

Louise Orwin, a 26 year-old London artist, explored the phenomenon by posting videos of herself as different underage girls. The response she got was sickening. Then, when she posted a video of herself as a confident adult asking the same question, barely anyone responded.

The comments, however, on the videos where she looked young were disgusting. Strangers told her to “go die” and that she was a “f*cking c****.” To know that young women are subjecting themselves to this torture is deeply unsettling.

“As far as I could tell, the majority of the commenters were older men,” Orwin explained. “And a lot of them sent me private messages asking for nude photographs.” The young girls were attracting the wrong sorts of attention.

Young women and men are so concerned with their online personas that they constantly judge and change themselves.

“The problem is, the internet is so private for these girls because their parents probably don’t know they’re posting these videos. But at the same time it’s so public. And the way these girls express themselves makes them such an easy target for abuse.”

With each generation, new problems are created. This one, however, doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon.  Let’s squash this and raise awareness. It’s NOT okay for grown men – or anyone – to judge these girls… even if they are asking for it.


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