When Reddit user Akfied had some spare time between his last job and a new one, he took the opportunity to do something to better his home.

Rather than bum around like most of us probably would (guilty), he took on a quick demo project for an upstairs space his family rarely used. Gathering materials he found at a nearby Amtrak repair facility, Akfied transformed the useless area into a place that everyone will want to hang out in…

This was the little nook that got no love in his home…but he knew it had huge potential.

To open up the space, he knocked out a wall. No big deal.

He rewired everything through the wall, ensuring that the moulding looked seamless.

Then it was time to get down to the real work…venturing to a local train yard, Akfied was able to acquire some old Amtrak cushions for free.

Naturally, he needed to replace the wood in the cushions, but then it was just a matter of cleaning the leather and mending any patches.

He added them to the benches he was building for the space. They’ll have plenty of storage beneath the seats.

Akfied wanted the space to be super functional, so he made it so the benches could be moved around.

His wife helped out by assembling this pipe frame.

This rough-cut raw lumber would be made into a table.

It took a lot of gluing and clamping but eventually, the tabletop started to come together!

With it installed, the room really came together.

The table was put on wheels for easy cleanup and access to the benches.

So, are you ready to take your home improvement projects to the next level?

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