In the wide world of cosmetics on social media, there are two types of artists. There are your standard beauty bloggers who do demos on wearable makeup looks and talk people like me into spending exorbitant amounts of money on lipstick every month, and then there are artists of the special-effects variety. These creators tend to focus less on blush and bronzer and more on glue and silicone.

One such craftsman is an artist and Instagrammer who goes by the name of bobbugs. Using less-than-standard materials like pinecones, cereal, and office supplies, he does something absolutely insane to his face every day.

The self-proclaimed “master of disguise” has a quirky approach to art and a solid sense of humor.

I mean, what’s more festive than tinsel? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the fact that he later had to peel all of this off.

For those days when you’re feeling prickly.

Time for the creepiest bath in the history of baths.

I like Santa best when he looks like he’s covered in the blood of innocents.

When you realize that cheese puffs are a force for good in this cold, cruel world.

Do you think he’d be opposed to cleaning my apartment or…?

Welcome to your latest nightmare.

Just kidding. Here’s the nightmare I was talking about.

When you’re a person but you’re also a bag of intestines.

He’s totally not rubbing it in.

Just getting comfy!

It’s like armor except it’s glued to your skin, so it’s not like armor at all.

I’m uncomfortable.

I’m now even less comfortable.

Anyone who’s ever worn glittery eyeshadow knows that it took him approximately 35 years to remove this.

(source: Instagram)

I should follow more Instagrammers like this, because no part of me wants to drive myself into debt buying their materials. So many props to this guy for putting his face through actual torture every day in the name of art. We salute you, friend.

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