Most people would consider hubcaps to be junk. The side of the road and numerous junkyards are littered with them. One man, however, found a brilliant way to use this “junk” and transform it into incredible works of art. He goes by Hubcap Creatures on Deviant Art, but he also has a website and Facebook page. The most incredible thing about his sculptures is that once they are finished, you can barely tell what materials he used to make the metallic, intricate creations. Just have a look for yourself.

Hubcap Creatures has been working as a professional sculptor since 2001.

But he also started collecting hubcaps in 1997 and began working with that medium.

He taught himself to how to use a mig welder…

And the rest is history.

Over the years, as he finished more projects and received different commissions, he grew more talented.

His art is smoother and more intricate.

It’s incredible to think these creatures started off as hubcaps.

You can buy some of his sculptures on his website.

If you had an item like this in your house…

No one would forget it.

Source: Hubcap Creatures via Reddit If you’re interested in buying any of his pieces, check out the For Sale section of his website. We think that this art is some of the coolest and most unique we have ever seen. Share these hubcap creations with others by clicking below.

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