Cats are awesome pets, but dealing with their litter boxes is a less-than-fun experience.

It seems that every time I enter my laundry room, I’m hit with the overpowering stench and nasty sight of what’s inside their personal bathrooms no matter how often I clean them. I can’t even walk near them without tiny particles of litter sticking to the bottom of my feet.

Redditor Justinlebon26 must have felt the same level of frustration that I do, because he came up with a genius way to hide his three cats’ litter boxes in plain sight without having to see or smell anything!

He initially bought this entertainment center for himself on Craigslist, but it later became clear that his cats wanted it for themselves.

After brightening it up with white paint and removing the top, he realized that he could modify the bottom storage for his feline companions.

That’s when he decided to move it into his bedroom and cut holes in the middle doors and on the inside of the storage compartments with a jigsaw.

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