Sometimes learning can be boring. So why not learn a whole bunch of stuff while being smothered with cuteness at the same time? Education system, take note of this method. Here are 16 ridiculously cute animals and something you probably didn’t know about them.

1. First, you should know there is a cat version of the Corgi. It’s called a Munchkin Cat.

2. Not to be confused with Amazon’s, a litter of kittens is called a Kindle.

…and a group of pugs is a Grumble.

3. When otters go to sleep, they hold hands to make sure they don’t drift apart. Like holding Grandma’s hand at Wal Mart.

4. Nope, that’s not a hippo. When you shave a guinea pig, it sure looks like one though.

5. Sea horses spend a life time together. Kinda like humans try to do.

6. Puffins, best known in Iceland, mate for life.

And the little babies they have are called Pufflings.

7. Studies show that goats have accents. Maybe they’re from Boston.

8. Male puppies will hold female puppies down to get to know them better. That’s not nearly as acceptable with humans.

9. And now you know why cats bring you gross things.

10. Dolphins have special, distinct whistling sounds to identify each other. Sorta like we identify people by Carl.

11. Dogs’ loyalty goes far beyond humans. This German Shepherd is the seeing eye dog of that blind Cocker Spaniel.

12. Thousands of trees are the result of squirrel dementia. Seriously, they forget where they bury their food.

13. Cows are capable of having best friends. And they aren’t happy when they’re not with them.

14. Penguins, as you probably know, mate for life. But the male also presents a pebble to his mate, making him the cheapest fiance in the animal kingdom.

15. The baby Echidna just existing is awesome enough. But they’re called Puggles, which is even better.

16. And last, this is a Quokka – the happiest animal on the entire planet. 🙂

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