The reasons why mothers might want to relinquish their babies to a Safe Haven are numerous.

The mother may come from a low-income family unable to support her newborn, she could be the victim of sexual assault, she might fear for the baby’s livelihood because she is in an abusive relationship. The list could go on, but thanks to Safe Haven laws, mothers are able to give up their newborns to emergency personnel within 30 days of giving birth.

Recently, though, two Safe Haven locations in Indiana got a great upgrade.

Because of it, the firemen of Woodburn, Indiana, may start seeing a lot more action around their firehouse.

A Safe Haven Baby Box drop off has been installed at the local volunteer department.

The concept of Safe Haven locations has been around since 1999. A mother can drop off an unwanted, unharmed newborn at a local police station, fire department, or hospital.

Now, the Baby Box allows moms to do this with total anonymity.

Since the laws passed, it’s estimated that more than 3,000 babies have been saved. Hopefully, because of these new drop boxes, even more will find new homes.

The Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box is the first of its kind in the country, allowing mothers to drop off newborns they cannot care for into a chute where local emergency services are moments away to take care of it.

The baby can be quickly taken care of as the boxes are equipped with alarms. Emergency personnel are alerted to the fact that a baby has just been left.

All 50 states have Safe Haven laws. Newborns can be dropped off at police stations, fire departments, or hospitals, but the Baby Box allows the mothers to do this anonymously.

Many mothers feel intimidated and even shameful when dropping off their baby. The boxes aim to remove the perceived stigma and get the baby to a place where it can be helped.

While this box is the first of its kind in the U.S., they are quite common around the world.

However, some critics of the box say that it will make it too easy to give away a child without much thought behind the act, and it can deprive the mothers of much-needed medical care.

When you consider that many children are still abandoned in unsafe locations, these boxes are clearly needed.

(via WSLS)

Baby boxes are expected to begin popping up around the country. No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s important to remember that while it’s sad these children are being left without parents, they’re getting the help they need to survive. Hopefully, this means they’ll get the chance to ultimately find loving adoptive parents!

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