There’s something truly…special about watching a dog try to remove peanut butter from the roof of his or her mouth. On the one hand, the dog is relishing in the taste, but he or she probably also feels a little betrayed that there’s so much work involved with getting all of that goodness.

Thankfully, though, that sloppy determination always prevails, and in the end, they WILL lick up all that peanut butter…even if it means looking like a dummy while doing it. One photographer, in particular, shot a series of tongue-smacking photos and compiled them into an adorable new book.

Greg Murray is a Cleveland-based photographer who works with local animal shelters and specializes in taking photos of pets.

His most famous work so far might be “For The Love Of Peanut Butter,” a series which captures dogs thoroughly enjoying a spoonful of the delicious nut-based paste.

Murray told ViralNova that he got the idea when he and his fiancée Kristin rescued a mastiff named Bailey. Murray loved getting Bailey all drooly (as they tend to do) and take pictures.

He found the best way to do this was to feed her a little peanut butter!

“So. Good.”

Inspired by Bailey, he began photographing his clients’ pooches eating peanut butter too!

As part of Murray’s process, the dogs are only given one or two spoonfuls — too much peanut butter isn’t good for dogs.

He then takes 25-75 photos of the dog’s desperate attempts to lap up all that deliciousness.

He says that some of the dogs have a hard time sitting still, but most of the time, “they’re so focused on the peanut butter, that even the most fidgety dogs stay put until they’re finished.”

Murray stresses that he only lets dogs consume peanut butter that doesn’t contain Xylitol, which is harmful to pups.

As of Friday, Murray will have photographed over 125 dogs for this project. All these photos and others can be found in his upcoming book For the Love of Peanut Butter: A Photo Booth. To check out more of Murray’s work, visit his website. There, you can even commission him to photograph your pets, weddings, and events! You should also follow him on Instagram.

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