If you go out to eat often, you’ve probably overheard some bizarre conversations coming from the tables around you.

And while loudmouths and oversharers are annoying, what one off-duty cop overheard a woman enduring over dinner one night was so bad that it made him spring into action while he was off the clock.

Redditor ThrowAwayForPancakes recounted the entire ordeal in a post. His account of what happened officially proves that this cop is a hero.

Throughout the entire dinner, a creepy man could be heard making a slew of inappropriate comments to his date while she tried to hurry her way through the meal to get it over with.

At one point, the nasty man made a disgusting remark about her “swallowing” while she ate.

When the woman pointed out that the comments were outright inappropriate, the disgusting date responded by saying he’d get to experience her “oral skills” by the end of the night.

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As if things couldn’t have gotten any worse, he then used the fact that he picked up the woman from her house, and therefore knew where she lived, against her.

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At that point, the Redditor began to get out of his chair to handle the situation when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Another man who’d been listening in told him he’d deal with it.

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The older man grabbed a chair from a nearby table and sat down with the less-than-happy couple.

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He then revealed to the creepy date that he was a cop and that he overheard every single threat and vile remark that was made to the woman.

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He gave him two options: wait for more cops to show up and remove him from the restaurant, or leave and never bother her again.

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He decided to take the second option. After that, the kind cop offered the woman a seat at his family’s table and even told her he’d give her a ride home.

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