Playgrounds are supposed to be magical places where kids can get lost in having fun, but this little girl is scared of them now after finding shocking messages.

Deborah Royal’s eight-year-old daughter, Destiny, was recently playing on a swing set in their Jacksonville, Florida, neighborhood when she came across threatening messages that were specifically directed at her. When she told her mom, Deborah immediately called the police. What’s even more disturbing is that she believes another little girl was the one who wrote them.

According to Deborah, the other girl had been bullying her daughter in their neighborhood and at school for months. That’s why Deborah thinks she’s responsible, but police have decided not to pursue that lead. “I called the police out and her dad said she didn’t do it and that was it. They took his word for it,” she said.

The messages written in permanent marker read, “Killer clowns are watching you,” “Die in a hole brat,” and “Kill yourself Destiny Royal.” Her bike was also stolen that day.

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