When I was a kid, I overindulged in ghost stories so much that I could barely sleep at night.

Though I never saw anything out of the ordinary, I remained thoroughly convinced for years that if I shut my eyes just for one second, a ghost would appear and get me. I can only imagine how terrified I would have been if I had actually experienced something paranormal, like what this guy saw last month.

When Rusty Johnson came home one day to his apartment in North Carolina, he noticed that some of his belongings were out of place. He had a camera set up near his kitchen, so he decided to review the footage to figure out what happened.

He definitely wasn’t prepared for the madness that unfolded as soon as he pressed play.

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Now he’s seriously considering getting the hell out of there if anything else happens. Who could blame him? Be sure to SHARE this creepy story with all your paranormal-loving friends!

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