Are you familiar with Slender Man? What started as a spooky Internet meme about a thin, unnaturally tall man who stalks children has crept its way into the American consciousness. His bizarre story was even the inspiration behind a child’s murder.

Redditor spork_bandit became aware of Slender Man in a particularly creepy way. While walking along a trail near his house, he came across some strange notes. The first one warned him that if he didn’t find all eight messages, Slender Man would appear.

“Welcome to SLENDER. Find all 8 notes before he finds you.”

The circular symbol is commonly associated with Slender Man.

“Always Watches. No Eyes.”

In online depictions, Slender Man is often seen roaming the forest.

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These horrific notes would be enough to freak anyone out.

Here we see Slender Man’s classic black suit and tie…and his featureless face.

“Do not look…or it takes you.”

This was probably just some local kid playing a prank (or maybe even the work of spork_bandit himself), but it certainly captures the power of this strange, spooky Internet phenomenon. It appears as though Slender Man walks among us.

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