You won’t believe it – but this dog ISN’T dead. This pit bull was found, abused and neglected, but hanging onto life. She was starving for food, hope and love, but the Jefferson SPCA brought her back from the edge. This is the type of rescue that makes me just want to cry.

When the pit bull was brought into the Jefferson SPCA, the shelter workers thought she was dead. She was, in fact, alive but barely. She couldn’t even lift her head.

Athena weighed only 25 pounds, which is less than half of the weight she should have been.

She was anemic, starving, dehydrated, infected with heart worms and hook worms and she also had an infection in her uterus. In other words, it was a miracle she wasn’t dead.

Her rescuers named her Athena because of her strength and resistance. She was literally dying to be loved…

After some medical attention and affection, Athena began moving on her own and walking.

Vets think it will take Athena at LEAST four months to recover from her terrible abuse. Until then, she can’t be adopted into a forever home.

But she is winning over hearts so quickly, she won’t have any problem finding a family to take her in.

Anyone who treats a dog this badly deserves to rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

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