In the town of Alesund, Norway, celebrating summer is an important occasion. In general, summer can be a big deal for Norwegians. There are parts of Northern Norway that lie in the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Those areas see continuous daylight during part of the summer and don’t see the sun during the darkest months of winter. The sun is a fickle friend in Norway. For Alesund, it’s not just about being grateful for the sun. The townsfolk come together to do something amazing to commemorate the event.

Young Norwegians worked together to stack these wooden pallets high.

When it was finished, this masterpiece was over 131 ft tall.

Locals created this leaning tower of pallets to celebrate Midsummer, known to them as Sankthans.

The annual festival celebrates John the Baptist’s birth. But they don’t just BUILD the tower…

They also BURN it.

In Alesund, this traditional bonfire is absolutely epic.

In 2010, they set a world record for the tallest bonfire at 132.71 ft.

To light the fire properly, someone must climb the tower and light it from the top.

It’s built specifically so that it burns from the top down (so that whoever lights it can climb away to safety quickly).

The townspeople watch the bonfire nearby from boats.

With a fire this enormous, keeping a safe distance is vital, so it’s doubtful anyone made s’mores.

Here’s hoping they constantly have “C’mon Baby Light My Fire” and “Disco Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn)” playing while they torch the pallets. This is a bonfire you have to see for yourself. Let it be inspiration for your next cookout:

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