There’s typically something dichotomous about the relationship between humanity and technology. While we’re the ones who bring about feats in technological advancement, the binary between us and the machines and software we generate is pretty pronounced.

And that’s exactly what multimedia artist Lala Abaddon wants to explore with her work. By injecting a healthy dose of humanity into tech-inspired art, Abaddon bridges the gap between organic and artificial.

For her Woven Works series, Abaddon combines digital overlays with pixilated photographs to serve as multifaceted meditations on the role of humanity in the digital sphere (and vice versa).

As she explains to the Creators Project, “I treat the photographic process the same as weaving — it’s a sacred ritual and I use a repetitive process on more of my final images.”

Her 33mm Macro Paintings series explores the roles of light and color in digital media.

The inspiration behind the artist’s multimedia approach is simple.

“It’s only through the use of many different practices that I think my voice can be heard,” she says, “be it visually, spatially, or metaphysically. Everything ties into one another and I think that is the impetus of my work.”

(via The Creators Project)

What’s most interesting about Lala Abaddon’s work is the shift that’s taking place in her focus as time goes on. While much of her earlier work teases out the relationship between the natural world and technology, her more recent projects lean toward an exploration of what disconnects the two.

For more from this artist, be sure to check out her website. Follow Abaddon on Instagram for regular updates.

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