You know they’re funny, even as you pretty much turn yourself inside out cringing at them. You can’t help it. It seems like the worse they are, the funnier they become. So we’ve collected some of the dumbest, most terrible and brilliant ones we could find. Feel your ocular muscles strain as your eyes roll repeatedly. Feel your lungs heave with exasperated sighs and wonder where humanity went so wrong. But you know you’ll think they’re funny.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.  

1.) Honestly, this is fair warning for the rest of our pun gallery.

2.) Good luck to the poor sap who orders that.

3.) The rye on this diverse religious farm wears a Star of David.

4.) Don’t you hate that?

5.) The original.

6.) Perfect for conquering Siberia.

7.) Keep going and the blue will be seeing red.

8.) … BOOM.

9.) Unplanned pregnancy rates spiked within a 20 mile radius.

10.) Diagrams are always helpful.

11.) Old Dirty Custard live and uncut.

12.) The best part about this is how much effort someone put into it.

13.) He’s got a lot of fruiting plants, but the market demands a starch. If he only had a grain…

14.) OH MY GOSH.

15.) It destroys two childhood memories at once! At least now we know that there’s a sweater vest under there, though.

16.) Maybe he’s a Replacement?

17.) He’s lucky these responders acted with such zest.

18.) This sign looks like a face, and it’s mirroring my expression at these puns.

19.) I like to think someone painted over the artist’s previous work, and this is their revenge. Because revenge is best served cold.

20.) Oh, peas.

21.) I hope there’s a convention for business punning.

22.) (This one is funny if you speak German.)

23.) This is dedication. Also, it’ll be really fun to explain to your children.

This is dedication. Also, it’ll be really fun to explain to your children.

24.) It’s even good for those who normally practice mahogany.

25.) This made me laugh for 5 minutes straight. I’m not ashamed.

And as if you hadn’t been worn down enough, here’s a video of Levar Burton and Kermit the Frog having a pun-off on Reading Rainbow

You’re welcome. 

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