Around 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 23, Michael Vance went on the run after killing his aunt and uncle and shooting two officers in Wellston, Oklahoma.

The fugitive was facing sex offense charges after a 15-year-old girl claimed he had sexually assaulted her in July, but it’s unclear whether his impending court date in November was the reason he decided to go on an absolute rampage.

Police believe that Vance is HIV positive and may be trying to spread the disease. However, it only gets worse, since this criminal has a hit list out for several other people.

Not only did Vance steal a police truck, but he live-streamed the ordeal on Facebook with his AK-47 in clear view.

After ditching the truck, he went on to steal another vehicle in a nearby trailer park, where he shot at one of the mobile homes. When police came across the stolen car he later abandoned, they found the decapitated bodies of his aunt and uncle, Ronald and Valerie Kay Wilkinson, in the trunk.

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The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office warns that he may be back in the central Oklahoma area, as he was last spotted driving on I-40 on Monday morning.

Fortunately, the officers he shot didn’t sustain life-threatening injuries, but let’s all hope that this terrifying man is captured soon.

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